About Project

Ecopreneurship Approach in the Context of European Environment

LLP/Erasmus Intensive Programme

Vilniaus kolegija/University of Applied Sciences 11th to 24th March 2012

Main goal of the project: to foster social, responsible and especially ecological aspects of running a business, managing economic challenges, to acquire knowledge of ecopreneurship, to improve responsible entrepreneurial, intercultural communication and team work skills.

The objectives of the project: to provide insights into ecopreneursí motivations determining the success of start-ups and to analyse company motivation (CSR) on ecological product development. Also how consumers can make greener choices and deepen participantsí understanding of key concepts of social responsibility especially ecopreneurship and ethical behaviour; identify the ecological role in modern marketing, management, to observe cases about socially responsible prominent personalities.

Main activities: The IP has a study load of 80 hours (two weeks), 3 ECTS-credits. During the period participants will make presentations, work in active workshops, participate in simulation games.

Learning outcomes: encompass the knowledge, skills necessary to fulfil the needs, to improve the level of key competences in the EU Environment context, particularly the ecopreneurís competence. Students will analyse successful work experience of the companies they will visit and receive feedback from the socially responsible managers. Working in international teams there will be an opportunity to improve intercultural communication and team work skills.

Expected outputs: Teaching materials (IP module/syllabus), written reports/ and self-assessment by all participants, photo album, partner network. The IP is a part of an integrated programme of studies leading to a recognised joint or double degree in Business Economics. After the successful implementation of this IP, Faculty of Economics, together with its partners plan to take the necessary steps to integrate the IP in a joint degree study programme of Business Economics.